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Hi everyone!

Can you believe this website will be a month old on Thursday? It feels like I have been doing this for waaaaay longer. I’m doing an AMAZING giveaway to celebrate, so if you aren’t following me on Instagram (@thenicolecode)- you must! Will be making the announcement later on today and will reveal more details on how to win the fabulous goody bag filled with My Favourite Things. (Helloooo what are you waiting for?Go follow me immediately!). Also, for those who have been asking, you can FINALLY subscribe to the blog! Scroll down to the bottom of the Home page and follow the instructions.You are so welcome 🙂


So today’s post is about makeup I’ve recently gotten.



Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ Mascara

Risqué name for a Risqué Mascara! Saw a review on this Beauty Blogger Extraordinaire Jackie Aina and knew I had to try this- her lash game is always on a HUNDRED.

First things first, can you see how FAT that brush is?! Wowzer




One coat of this baby gives your lashes DRAMATIC length and volume. I like my mascara slightly (okay VERY) overdone, so if you want a natural lash look, this is probably not for you. This gives you proper 60s Babydoll va-va-voom lashes (the stuff of my dreams).

The only downside is the formula can be quite clumpy so you need to be careful when applying. Other than that- this mascara gives me life! And might be my Fave of All Time.

I don’t know anyone in Nigeria that sells this currently- so let’s all write a petition to beauty stores like Beauty Rev and Yanga Beauty to start stocking this mascara immediately!




Pibona Cosmetics ‘Fiji’ Baked Bronzing Powder




If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen me mention this bronzer a few times. I was lucky enough to have this sent to me by the lovely Pibona Team, and hand on heart I have used this everyday since I got it. I don’t use blusher, I use bronzer because I am obsessed with shimmer and glow!

Fiji is perfect because it is not too heavy (less hardcore than MAC ‘Gold Deposit’ Skin Finish if that makes sense), but it is buildable. So if you want a subtle glow, it works- and if you want a full on BRONZED GODDESS effect you can achieve that too.

I usually carry it around with me and build throughout the day gradually, so by nighttime you can see my cheekbones from Space! (Yep. I have zero chill). Plus Pibona Cosmetics is #BuyNigerian compliant so go out and get this.

Available on and at the BeautyKink store in Lekki (Admiralty Way).




Becca Cosmetics ‘Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector




This primer is supposed to be the Holy Grail primer for the Oily Skinned. So when I was ordering some stuff from America (with @theparcelforwarder) I made sure to get this as well.

To be honest I didn’t find that it made that much of a difference in terms of my oil production as the product promises. It held up as well as my regular primer (Black Up). Maybe my skin is just beyond redemption. I think this would be fabulous for normal/combination skin tough. I also like the consistency (silicone-y) and the packaging.

I got this from America but it is available at Yanga Beauty (Hurray! Now get the Better Than Sex too. Pretty Please??)


Have you tried any of these? And don’t forget to look out for my month-aversary giveaway!


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  • cec
    Posted at 16:41h, 27 October Reply

    Wow! A month already?! Congratulations are in order. 🙂
    Well, it doesn’t seem to me like it’s up to a month, maybe because I really like your blog…you know that can’t get enough ish? Yeah! :p

    As for the giveaway, so we who don’t do nada at The Gram nko? *pensive*

    • Nicole
      Posted at 17:23h, 27 October Reply

      Yayyyyyyyy thank you so much for saying that! I feel so spe-shulll. And all the information will be revealed shortly- but you HAVE to do it on the gram though. Also, my nail polish is the most PERFECT nude colour- its called ‘Polo Princess’ by Orly. Obsessed! And mascara application takes practice. I’m not a makeup expert myself, but practicing definitely helps xx

  • cec
    Posted at 16:46h, 27 October Reply

    I like your nail Polish colour! I like mascaras but I don’t seem to be very good with application.

  • Rose bello
    Posted at 12:14h, 28 October Reply

    Congrats Nicole God bless your hustle. Kisses

    • Nicole
      Posted at 16:13h, 28 October Reply

      Thank you so much! Really appreciate it xx

  • Eme
    Posted at 10:30h, 29 October Reply

    MUApro stocks Too Faced Better Than Sex along with many other goodies. Here you go:

    • Nicole
      Posted at 11:25h, 29 October Reply

      Just been on the site- WOWZER! Incredible array of products- thank you so so much for the heads up! xx

  • Jade
    Posted at 21:10h, 18 November Reply

    Don’t name it your best mascara just yet.

    Have you tired lancome’s Hypnose???????

    • Nicole
      Posted at 00:48h, 19 November Reply

      Hi Jade! I tried it when it first came out. It was pretty good, but this was literally like 7 years ago I think- so I’m pretty sure the formulation has changed. Hmm. I don’t know if I can be convinced but I’m willing to give it a try. I’ll add it to my wishlist! xx

  • Chee
    Posted at 06:19h, 16 December Reply

    Benefit they’re real is my HG. But I gotta try this better than sex pretty soon.
    Becca’s primer is good but wasn’t a miracle for my oily skin.

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