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Hi everyone!

So last month I popped into the awesome Fig Health Store in Lekki to acquire their much talked about Turmeric Black Soap and some FitFam related stuff. They have an incredible array of stuff. Anything from protein shakes to endless types of tea to Manuka honey. Really gives you a sense of being ‘in the abroad’ you know? The store is great, definitely worth a visit so go check it out today! Tell them Nicole sent you! (Don’t. If you do they will just stare at you blankly).


I spotted Jojoba Oil and got it immediately. Jojoba oil is something I have always wanted to try as a moisturiser. It is regarded as the best option for oily skin because its the closest oil to sebum, and because it mimics sebum on your skin your glands get confused and don’t produce as much oil.


I also got this interesting sponge called ‘Michael’s Body Exfoliator’. Sorry I threw the packet away, trying to get used to talking pictures of products BEFORE tearing the packaging away excitedly to try it .It has a cute little story at the back about the family that makes the sponge.




Fig Brightening Black Soap with Turmeric

So the soap does what it says on the tin.It is a brightening black soap made with turmeric which is amazing for skin. Turmeric clarifies, fades discolouration and visibly brightens the complexion. Honestly, if you go on their page you’ll see it is almost always sold out, and people are always clamouring for more.

I like it. The only issue I have with it is that it is Chemical and Preservative free so it must be stored in the fridge. And I don’t have a fridge in my room (or upstairs) because that is the surest way for me to fall off my FitFam wagon. So I mainly use this at night because I’m too lazy to go down to get it in the morning. But it is very very nice, leaves your skin smooth and with a nice sheen to it. The store advertises the soap as a facial soap for acne, but my facial skin does not do well with black soap (I tried, I was right) so it didn’t work for me that way. But there are several reviews on their Instagram page about it working really well with blemish prone skin.

Price- N4500




Now Solutions Pure Jojoba Oil

I LOVED this. I sooooooo wish this didn’t congest my pores because it moisturises beautifully, helps regulate oil production, and it makes your foundation look AMAZING. It gives you a subtle gorgeous glow (and we all know I’m obsessed with glowing). I think the problem was I used it twice a day and maybe that was too much for my skin. I will try using this again next month but only in the mornings. PLEASE give this a try, it might be worth looking into instead of using a fancy illuminating serum under your makeup.

Price- N3800




Michael’s Body Exfoliator

Now the sponge was a pleasant surprise. I’ve used it religiously twice a day for six weeks now and I love love love it. When wet it becomes softer, so it is not as tough as it looks in the picture (I know it looks a little….aggressive). It leaves you exfoliated and prepped for your moisturiser so your skin will be super soft and luminous! I also like that it lasts longer than a loofah, mine start falling apart in like 2 weeks.  If you have sensitive skin it might be a bit harsh for you though so maybe skip this one.

Price- N1850




And that’s it! Have you been to Fig Health store? Have you tried any of these?

Let me know,


  • Unoma
    Posted at 13:53h, 20 October Reply

    Yes! I get my nettle tea and chia seeds from Fig. I have (had) their black soap that has Shea butter in it and I love it. It didn’t strip my skin. You can still get the benefits of Tumeric by doing a mask. I do bentonite clay, Tumeric, ACV and a little bit of honey. Some people do Tumeric and lime etc sooo many different variations. Lol. Sorry for all the talk talk

    • Nicole
      Posted at 20:08h, 20 October Reply

      Bentonite clay AND turmeric??? Interesting! Will definitely give that a go! And please I LIVE for beauty ‘talk talk’ girrrrrll xx

  • Nnenna
    Posted at 14:52h, 20 October Reply

    Nicole, you are killing me here!!!!! I’m becoming a product junkie because I want to try everything here. My bank account isn’t happy I tell you. lollllll. Don’t get me wrong I love your website. Very very informative. Please keep it up… Anyways, back to the topic of the Tumeric Blacksoap. I’m 50/50 with this one. I want to try this because I hear tumeric really helps to fade away dark spots on the face. On the other hand, I’m a little skeptical about using it because its mixed with black soap. Black soap smoothens my skin and makes it soft alright, but it really makes it dry. I don’t know why. I might still give it a try…

    • Nicole
      Posted at 18:16h, 20 October Reply

      Hi Nnenna! LOL I am so pleased to hear that! Trust me- you are not aloneeee! Product junkies unite! I think it is DEFINITELY worth a try if the only issue is dryness- because that can easily be alleviated with a good moisturiser. What moisturiser do you use? have you tried jojoba oil? xx

      • Nnenna
        Posted at 07:35h, 21 October Reply

        I use the ‘Origin Mega-Bright Skin Illuminating Moisturizer’. So far its been ok but I feel like I need to use something better. I feel like with the Origin moisturizer, I keep having to re-apply because my face gets dry quickly for some reason, especially around my nose. You know when have dogs have wet noses? Yea, mine is the opposite..Very dry. Weird I know…lol. But I will definitely give the jojoba oil a try. Thank you for the tip! 🙂

    • UG.
      Posted at 18:23h, 20 October Reply

      Hey Nnenna, you are right about black soap drying up the skin. It’s the same with everybody. That’s actually what black soap does BUT look at the bright side which is the rich benefits associated with it!! There are ways to combat the dryness though. Immediately after shower/wash, do not ‘dry clean’. Leave your skin damp and apply a moisturizer immediately! Walaaa! You are good to go and your skin locks in moisture immediately and slowly as the water dries up with the applied moisturizer. Don’t thank me yet.. Go on and give it a try! Lol

      • Nicole
        Posted at 20:02h, 20 October Reply

        Yes to everything you said. Two thumbs up and thanks so much for the tip!

      • Nnenna
        Posted at 07:38h, 21 October Reply

        Hi UG! Awww thank you for the tip. I will definitely give it a try and will let you know.

        • UG.
          Posted at 15:34h, 22 October Reply

          Lol. Ok. Cool.

  • KemKem
    Posted at 16:54h, 20 October Reply

    Hi Nicole ,
    Your blog is beautiful and very educating.
    can you kindly recommend a very good body cream that can make me glow and maintain my light skin. I recently used some harsh products and I had to stop so am darker now.
    Will really appreciate your help.
    Thanks a lot

    • Nicole
      Posted at 18:21h, 20 October Reply

      Hi there! Thank you so much for your comment. In terms of recommendation of a body lotion, I would say try the Goats Milk Lotion from Luxe Beauty Lounge in Lekki. It definitely gives the skin a nice radiance, but it will not make you lighter. The best way to maintain your complexion is to protect it from the sun by using sunscreen everyday and generally avoiding the sun where possible. I cannot recommend anything stronger because it is not my personal ethos. The more natural the better 🙂 Review on the Goats Milk Lotion coming soon on the site. I use it personally, and I really like it. Hope this was helpful xx

      • KemKem
        Posted at 21:08h, 20 October Reply

        Thanks a lot. I have ordered it already, hopefully they will deliver tomorrow. Will definitely keep u posted. Can I use this tumeric black soap for all my body or just my face? Your blog is the best, so addicting! Love you?

        • Nicole
          Posted at 21:18h, 20 October Reply

          Yayyyyyyy fantastic! I will be waiting to hear back from you then- please let me know how everything goes. You can use the soap all over your body and thank you so much for supporting the blog xx

  • UG.
    Posted at 18:14h, 20 October Reply

    Will definitely try this soap. So much rave about it and now I see it here, I’m so getting it! Turmeric.. Very good for the skin. I use it to cook and I use it on my skin. Yes you read right, I use turmeric powder raw on my skin! It’s an amazing and natural exfoliator!!! But look out for the stains! Lol not on the body though, on the bath tub or shower curtains or even the walls. So you will do some cleaning up. I rub it all over my body in a paste form (ie mixed with a little water) then I leave it on like 30minutes and then I wash off. You will immediately feel your baby smooth skin and brighter too! Also, I mix it with a bit of raw goat milk (don’t worry, the smell is just alright!!) and rub all over my body. Leave for like 30minutes or sometimes even more and then I wash off! This actually brightens and glows the skin NATURALLY. Anyway, enough of my ‘tales’.

    Beautiful blog you have here! Jisike.

    • Nicole
      Posted at 20:06h, 20 October Reply

      Hi UG! Thanks so much for your comment. I actually used to use turmeric on my skin until one day I got to work, went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror and SCREAMED BECAUSE MY FACE WAS BRIGHT YELLOW! Lol! Had to run home. Disaster! It came off quite easily but i was still traumatised lol. And dealing with the stains everywhere, especially my nails was quite hard.
      Where do you get raw goats milk from btw? I’m intrigued! And thank you for the ‘tales’- please I live for beauty tips and we are all here to learn xx

      • UG.
        Posted at 16:13h, 22 October Reply

        Really? What a huge disaster!! Lol sorry to hear, though quite funny. Turmeric can stain Africa, I tell you!!
        I get raw goat milk from Roots & Origin. It’s a health food store in Abuja (don’t worry they deliver nationwide!). They sell all things organic! Chck IG. Mentioned u on their page. I get most of my skin care products there. All natural.

  • butterfilledskin
    Posted at 20:21h, 20 October Reply

    YES!!!!! To Turmeric and Bentonite clay, I swear by them, every two days I whisk up a paste consisting of Turmeric, Bentonite clay, goat milk, lemon juice, honey and a bit of water and apply all over my face and neck, boyyyyy does it leave my skin flawless and glowy, I do this every two days as it helps clear any left over spots from acne and any sun spots from sun exposure thanks to our very hot weather…Lol

    • Nicole
      Posted at 20:55h, 20 October Reply

      Now that combo sounds LUSH! I want to try it myself- pleaseeee tell me where you get raw goats milk from! xx

    • Chinye
      Posted at 12:21h, 10 December Reply

      ok so i finally got some goats milk, powdered though and tried this mask and i must say im loving it!! i started out with papaya and goatmilk mask and then did yours. i can see the glow in my face. Very pleased 🙂 I was skeptical at first about powdered goat milk but i bought from a lady who brings it in specifically for her skincare range and no bad reactions so far. JulesTherapy. Check her on IG or FB, tell her i sent you *wink wink*

  • lizzyjolie
    Posted at 09:31h, 26 October Reply

    ok so I just got my turmeric and jojoba oil delivered…one word AMAZING. The soap is so lovely on my dry skin cos it mositurises my skin so well. it so packed with lots of oils to give you that glow. The jojoba oil am mincing cos its so little so am only using it on my hair which is my priority right now am working on my hairline. I used it to steam my hair this weekend and everyone cant stop commenting on my hair at the office. its fuller thicker and more lengthy plus the shine wow amazing. so far so good am happy. thank you Nicole.

    • Nicole
      Posted at 10:08h, 26 October Reply

      Oh yayyyyyyyy! I’m so pleased to hear that! And yes the jojoba oil doesn’t come in a big bottle but thats because you need so little. When I use it on my face I literally use two drops. So it will last you a very very long time. I haven’t used jojoba oil to steam my hair, will definitely try it out now.
      Thanks for coming back to let me know! xx

  • Uzo
    Posted at 12:09h, 26 October Reply

    Amazing site you have. Keep up the good work. For someone whose face is two shades darker than the body, I’m willing to try the turmeric and bentonite clay mask. Where can I purchase them?
    Thanks. .xx

    • Nicole
      Posted at 20:17h, 26 October Reply

      Hi Uzo!Thanks so much for the compliment. To be honest most of us have darker faces than our bodies. The turmeric should even out any hyper pigmentation and sun damage though.
      I bought turmeric from the Fig Health Store in Lekki, and the Bentonite Clay I got from a store called Sizzelle by chevron roundabout (you can look for them on IG, they deliver). It MAY be available at Fig Health though, not sure.
      So to make mine I mix 1 tbsp of clay with 1/2 a teaspoon of turmeric and make into a paste. Hope this was helpful xx

  • Princess chioma
    Posted at 14:20h, 16 December Reply

    Hey Nicole
    Thx for the product reviews. Like you i am into my skin like no mans business. After God, my skin is nxt…lol Ok enough blabbing!!
    Question- Will the jojoba oil darken one’s skins under the sun? i love to use just oils on my skin during the day but hvt tried it on my face. For my body i mix coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and vitamin E. and for my face mary kay which i really dnt like. So pls i want to try the jojoba oil or the clinique dramatically different which u mentioned #Confused#

    • Nicole
      Posted at 18:04h, 16 December Reply

      Hi there!
      Jojoba will not make you darker, just endeavour to use a sunscreen everyday.

      Re: Clinique vs. Jojoba Oil- I think it depends on what your skin is like and your personal preference of how you want your skin to appear. The Clinique is mattifying. So it absorbs oil and is great for controlling oil during the day. Jojoba helps with oil control as well, but not as much, and it is not mattifying. So you will ‘glow’ a little bit. Which makes your foundation look really nice and luminous. My skin is very oily, so I need the mattifying properties of the Clinique.

      Hope this was helpful xx

  • sisi
    Posted at 14:05h, 17 March Reply

    Hi so i live all the way in Gambia…what i wanted to know is how can i get it

    • Nicole
      Posted at 15:09h, 17 March Reply

      Hi there- I don’t know if the store could ship outside nigeria because the soap has to be refrigerated I’m afraid! However, feel free to contact them, their info is in this post. Thanks so much xx

  • Mercy
    Posted at 11:33h, 27 March Reply

    Hello Nicole,
    I just found your blog and you can’t imagine how excited I am about it. Where have I been? Lol. Anyways, something in this post caught my attention. The jojoba oil really helps balance oil? I have an annoyingly oily skin which messes up my make up especially with this hot weather. I’ve been searching for a moisturiser for this purpose so I’m definitely going to try it out. I also get black marks left by zits on my face, haven’t really gotten a product that works to my satisfaction yet. Any recommendations for a cleanser please? Help!! Thank you.

    • Nicole
      Posted at 11:50h, 30 March Reply

      Hi Mercy! Thank you so so much for saying that, I really appreciate it hun! Jojoba is definitely worth a shot. Are you based in Nigeria? Because Im obsessed with the Black Soap mentioned in this post. Its what I’ve been using to cleanse for about 4 months now xx

  • Funmi
    Posted at 10:14h, 10 May Reply

    Hi Nicole, glad to be here. Can I use d jojoba oil on my face and body as a moisturiser cos am light skinbed and I don’t want to get darker? What can u suggest I use as a moisturiser? Tanks s lit

    • Nicole
      Posted at 16:26h, 11 May Reply

      Hi Funmi, thanks so much for stopping by! Jojoba oil is awesome, be sure to always use sunscreen as that is the only way to prevent your skin getting tanned xx

    • Nicole
      Posted at 11:33h, 25 May Reply

      Hi Funmi! Thank you so much for your comment! You could use it on your body as well, but I find mixing oil into a lotion is so much easier and more effective. I don’t know if you’ve heard of my recent collaboration with Bath Kandy, but we have an incredible Rice Milk Lotion which is fantastic for preserving your complexion. Do you live in Nigeria?? xx

  • Imade
    Posted at 13:18h, 05 February Reply

    Hello nicole,
    I also got the fig black soap, and I loved it on my body but it broke me out on my face, did you have the same issues with break outs? Seems like I’m the only one who broke out using this soap.

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