How I Take Care Of My Hair While I Have Braids In

Hi Everyone! If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (you don’t? Follow me for daily doses of TheNicoleCode- @thenicolecode) you’d see that I’ve switched up my hair look and I’m currently rocking braids! I mentioned in an earlier post that I dyed my front hair about 6 times last year, and to be honest no matter how healthy or strong your hair is, and no matter how well you take care of it- it WILL break. Pretty much all the hair that was dyed has fallen out, leaving me with about 3 measly inches of new growth. My hair does pretty well when it is braided, and I wanted to leave my hair a little longer before relaxing it, so I decided to have my hair in braids for a bit.


Since I’m now officially on a Hair Journey, instead of just being grateful that I don’t have to bother with my hair for a few glorious weeks (like I usually do when I have braids in), I actually have a proper hair plan, and thought to share with you how exactly I’ve been taking care of my hair while it is braided.





I’ve been cleansing my scalp with good old Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. I know some people use methylated spirit, but the alcohol in it is TERRIBLE for your hair. The ACV gently lifts flakes and dirt from my scalp- this is important because hair cannot grow on a dirty scalp. I have to be honest, I have no plans to wash the braids because I’m only having them in for 5 weeks, and they are sooooooo long and heavy that it will be the most exhausting thing ever. So hopefully frequent cleaning would suffice.



Braid Spray



I made my own braid spray because I’m trying to control every single thing that goes on my scalp now. Like I mentioned earlier, I have no plans on washing my hair- so using a moisturising spray is much better than using a heavy butter like Shea because then I’ll have less build up on my scalp. I made my spray with-

1 part Vegetable Glycerin

2 parts Aloe Vera Juice

3 Parts Water

5 drops of tea tree oil






I have been using a mix of Jojoba and Coconut Oil every night to seal in the moisture from my spray and encourage hair growth. I also use Red Pimento oil twice a week which I’ve mentioned HERE as one of my Hair Saviours.





I discovered this Edge Control gel at Ebeano and I absolutely love it. It keeps my edges looking neat (everyone knows about my out of control edges!!) but doesn’t make them look weird and stiff if you know what I mean.

Quick Tip- if your scalp starts to fall your hand by getting flaky (like mine), you can try using an old toothbrush to gently brush and lift the flakes. Attempting to use your fingers will get you absolutely nowhere.



And thats it! Do you like my new look? How do you take care of your hair in braids?

Let Me Know,



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  • Observer
    Posted at 20:00h, 05 April Reply

    Hi Nicole, nice hair. My major issue with braids is how when you take them down one would have no edges to speak of and I mean none. Homegirl’s hairline be starting from the centre of her head. How do you keep your edges intact??

    • Nicole
      Posted at 21:49h, 05 April Reply

      Hi love! Thanks so much for the compliment. Braids are actually a great protective style if you manage them properly. If your hair is fine (as in the opposite of coarse), then you probably should not have the braids very long and full (so they won’t be that heavy), and you should keep them in for 4-6 weeks.The loss of edges is called ‘Traction Alopecia’ and thats because the heavy braids pull out your delicate front hair. In order to avoid this, it is recommended that you redo the front bits every 2 weeks. My hair is pretty coarse and strong which is why I can have the braids this long, but I’m definitely taking them out at some point in the next 10 days so I would have had them in for 5 weeks or so. Hope this was helpful xx

  • Chinye
    Posted at 20:41h, 05 April Reply

    Ok. I have tried loads of edge control and I cannot find one that lasts past me walking out the front door. Does it hold through the day, at least for the better part of it

    • Nicole
      Posted at 21:51h, 05 April Reply

      Hi Chinye. The struggle is real nwanne! It definitely will not hold your edges through the entire day in Nigeria because of this humidity! But it’ll take you through a fair amount of the day xx

  • Wendie
    Posted at 07:20h, 08 April Reply

    Hi Nicole… You’re so beautiful and seem to have an amazing nd beautiful personality as well.. *New Bae alert** Lool…
    Pls what’s your advice concerning cetaphil cleanser?.. heard so much rave about it and thinking of getting it at sizelle. Dealing with some rough skin nd spots i dont understand.. Or do you have any you advice on? I have an acne prone, oily and sensitive skin.. Thanks love…

    • Nicole
      Posted at 21:25h, 15 April Reply

      Hi Wendie! Thank you SO MUCH gorgeous! I tried the Cetaphil cleanser a long time ago and I think it was decent. However I really like either The Nicole Soap from BathKandy (my limited edition range of products with BathKandy) or the Black Soap with Turmeric from Fig Health Store in Lekki.

  • lady uju
    Posted at 11:35h, 11 April Reply

    Hey Sugar,
    Where can we get these products from :/
    Thanks!!!! #BraidGang

  • jummai bulama
    Posted at 20:00h, 17 April Reply

    Thanks for the tips.

    • Nicole
      Posted at 17:57h, 19 April Reply

      Thank YOU for stopping by 🙂 xx

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