Moroccan Hammam Bath Review- Apples and Oranges Spa

Hello Everyone!

As the Pound has used broom to ‘poshu’ me from London, I’m excited to announce that I am back in Lagos and reunited with my second true love, my NANNY! Still trying to settle the Rugrats in school etc, but everything is going really well! Thank you so much for all the emails and comments, I love you!


So just before I left the UK, I got contacted by Apples & Oranges to come try out their Moroccan Hammam Bath. The timing was absolutely perfect as after 3 months of #NoNanny I felt really worn out. I actually arrived in Lagos looking like a refugee. So I very happily accepted, especially as I had heard pretty good things about their salon there.


Upon arrival I was offered some green tea (peep my homemade green juice I brought with me in the back) which was a nice way to set the stage for an afternoon of relaxation.





I was quickly whisked away by Rita (my therapist for the day) to the changing room to undress, and taken to the sauna where I sat in the steam for 30 minutes to open my pores.






Next Step- The Treatment

As you can see, it is tiled like a bathroom which makes sense because of all the scrubbing and rinsing that would be taking place.





Rita massaged the Sugar and Argan Oil based scrub into every crevice (and I mean EVERY, this treatment is not for the shy woman) for about 30 minutes. It was actually really relaxing because the oil in the scrub almost made it feel like a massage. I was so relaxed that I started to worry that the treatment will not be as exfoliating as I thought. That was until she put on those scrubby glove thingies and buffed and polished my skin to perfection. It was quite intense but awesome.

After the invigorating scrub down, she applied some Black Soap to a loofah and, you guessed it, scrubbed me some more. She then left the soap and scrub on for a bit while she exfoliated my face with a Papaya Exfoliating Gel which visibly brightened my skin in TWO minutes.

So my face got cleansed, then she applied a Peppermint Mud Mask to my entire body, put on the steamer in the room for 15 minutes and let ALL the product really soak in. After which I was told to rinse myself off. I could not believe how SMOOTH my skin felt. My skin was visibly glowing- I now understand why so many brides choose this particular treatment before the Big Day.


All in all, the service was amazing! Everyone was very pleasant, and I felt COMPLETELY relaxed. I haven’t had a proper spa treatment since before I got married (facials don’t count) and it was great to be able to switch off for 2 hours with minimal access to my phone and just sort of reset and clear my mind.


And thats it folks! Have you been to Apples & Oranges or done a Moroccan Hammam Bath before?


Let Me Know,




Apples & Oranges is located at 10 Balarabe Musa street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

  • Bee
    Posted at 10:55h, 30 September Reply

    Sounds lush. Definitely trying this out. I hope its not too pricey tho

  • AsToldByGinger
    Posted at 21:56h, 02 March Reply

    Dear Nicole please come back and start posting, I miss your blog I come here everyweek to see if theres something new. Pretty please 🙏

  • Lizzyjolie
    Posted at 21:24h, 11 May Reply

    Everyday is comeand check for a new post … obsessed lol… come soon love you xx

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