Sipping Beauty


Water is synonymous with beauty. Beauty cannot exist without water literally- pretty much all products ever have some water in them. Do you know what else cannot exist without water? Any form of life.



Staying hydrated is essential to having great skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body and also the last organ to get any water, so if you aren’t drinking enough there simply won’t be any leftover after all the other organs to get to your skin sadly.



I’m aware that there are people out there who have fantastic skin and they exist on juice and coke (boooooooooo! We hate you!) but they are few and far between. With most of us dehydration shows- in breakouts, dull lacklustre skin, dryness and lines around the eyes and mouth. Science and Google tell me that men should consume about 3 litres of water a day, and women 2.2 litres. Food contains water, so on average we are looking at about drinking 2.8 and 2 litres respectively.



However, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I would like to refer you to some key evidence that drinking 3 litres of water is ideal.


©WARRENSMITH2013. shows SARAH SMITH 'BEFORE' shot Water Feature

©WARRENSMITH2013.(picture taken from Daily Mail article. This lady drank 3 litres of water everyday for 30 days.)



If this isn’t a poster ad for proper hydration, I don’t know what is. She looks at least 10 years younger in 30 freaking days. There’s clearly a significant reduction in lines, her eyes look more alert and her skin looks more radiant. There is no magic potion anyone can use to achieve the same result. Except surgery maybe. But that’s so painful and stuff.



After reading this article, I am now on a 30 day challenge of 3 litres of water PLUS 1 litre of green tea (your girl has ZERO CHILL.)  I usually do 2 anyways so I thought moving up 2 litres would not be too difficult. LIES! The endless dashes to pee are killing me! But its so worth it I think.



Join me folks!Do a 30 day 3 litre water challenge and see how you feel. And please let me know how it goes.



p.s- #thenicolecoderecommends drinking beautiful spring water when you can such as Ragolis, Gossy or Lasena. The same price as your usual big brands but it comes from nature and not a lab.


  • Unoma
    Posted at 10:53h, 30 September Reply

    4L??? I bow o! I’d just live in the loo if I try that. I try and do 2.5L daily so I will try and up my game.

    • Nicole
      Posted at 17:36h, 30 September Reply

      2.5L is for learners lol! The real baddos of the game do upwards of 3L hun so give it a go this week and let me know! xx
      p.s- I still low-key live in the loo but its definitely gotten better

  • Nneka
    Posted at 18:04h, 30 September Reply

    Hey Nicole, may I know what green tea you take?

    • Nicole
      Posted at 18:15h, 30 September Reply

      Of course! Its called Lipton Clear Green tea, it tastes a lot less bitter than the other brands I’ve tried. I get mine from Ebeano, and I believe its in Spar too xx

  • ifyanyi
    Posted at 18:49h, 30 September Reply

    Nice job Nicole. Your down to earth approach is most admired. Somehow u playfully pass on serious messages on beauty. 3L of water a day? Nne, that’s some work o. Sipping casually may be d way. All hail sipping beauty queen!

    • Nicole
      Posted at 19:14h, 30 September Reply

      Hi there!Thanks so much ohhhh nwanne lol. I’m definitely not your typical LAID, SLAYED and BEAT blogger. I can’t pretend to be who I’m not in my everyday life so I hope that people see the site as casual and fun buuuuuut informative and helpful! And re: sipping beauty I am too committed to the cause because I must be a sweet baby girl forever lol.
      Thank you so much xx

  • Sola
    Posted at 19:54h, 05 October Reply

    Yay! I had to come back to comment. Did over 3 liters of water today. Thats minus tea. #30 day challenge is on. I will be back after day30.

    • Nicole
      Posted at 20:13h, 05 October Reply

      WHAT?!?! Hurrayyyyyyy! I’m so pleased to hear that you’ve accepted the challenge! You just go mama. Cannot wait to hear back from you at the finish line xx

  • Jadore-Fashion
    Posted at 18:58h, 06 October Reply

    My in-law lol! I am loving the blog. I will be needing one on one consultation oh! 😉

    I carry water everywhere. It definitely works. Keep up the good work mama!


    • Nicole
      Posted at 19:25h, 06 October Reply

      For you Stella, any and every consultation is free!What are in-laws for? 🙂

      Carrying water around with you is the surest way to ensure you stay properly hydrated! Thanks for the tip and readers take note lol xx

  • Omemma
    Posted at 01:34h, 03 December Reply

    I’m on my 3rd day of your 3L/days challenge. I am very tired of my friends asking me why I am peeing so much. Anyways 19days till I land in Abuja. I plan to stick to this challenge until I get back to Ireland. I hope to look as pretty as you. I’ll send you a before and after picture. Love you and thanks for all the healthy inspiration.

  • Karo Itoje
    Posted at 12:19h, 20 December Reply

    Hello Nicole,

    I found your blog from a Facebook sponsored post that was done by It was such a breath of fresh hair to see a Nigerian blogger writing about something other than gossip. I’ve been so irritated by all the Nigerian gossip blogs around. I wondered if it meant no one could write anything intelligent than to gossip about people’s lives.

    I love your blog and focusing on beauty is great. I’ll like to see a link to a store within your posts for each product you discuss so interested readers can order them if they wanted. You can partner with the stores so that you get a commission for sales referred by you. That compensates you a little for your time. And who knows one day you may earn enough to buy a mansion in plantain Island like Linda Ikeji did. LOL.

    Now to drinking 3 liters of water a day. Girl that’s almost impossible for me. I currently don’t drink a lot of water and I pee a few times a day. When I drink a lot I pee so often it’s like releasing all the water I take in.

    I do a lot of damage to my skin I know because I don’t drink a lot of water and I usually don’t have enough sleep. But perhaps I’ll have the time to worry about that soon.

    Anyway keep up the good work girl.

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